420 Bus Tours specialize in the Colorado weed vacation experience.  We have professional drivers that specializing in making your Colorado weed vacation the best experience you could imagine.  We have been serving Colorado with party busses and stretch limos for over 13 years.  Our tour guides specialize in making your Colorado weed vacation an experience you won’t ever forget.  Our first stop on our tour is the marijuana mansion where amendment 64 was created.  These attorneys made it possible to smoke weed in Colorado legally.

Colorado Marijuana Vacation Includes

  • The most knowledgeable drivers in the Denver area
  • Tour Guides with extensive weed experience
  • A chance to meet other weed connoisseurs from around the world
  • The most luxurious busses and limos in Colorado
  • Samples of the top cannabis strains in the world
  • Dispensaries to sell you the kindest of kind
  • Glass Blowing shops that will blow your mind

Pot Vacation in Colorado

colorado-weed-vacationWe will guarantee you the time of your life when you book a tour with 420 bus tours.  Colorado Marijuana Tourism has become the newest and hippest thing since the legalization of alcohol.  Colorado Cannabis Tours has been on local news as well as national news shows.  420 Bus Tours took 9news on one of our Colorado Pot Tours.  They were amazed on how nice our busses were and professional our driver was.  Tourism Colorado has hit an all time high since the legalization of Marijuana.  Colorado Pot Tourism has hit an all time high right now, so book a tour while we still have availability.   Cannabis Tourism in Colorado has peaked the interest of people across the world, we are getting calls from Austrailia to Colorado Springs!   Pot Vacations are going to turn into a new popular vacation across the world.  Colorado Pot Tourism  has also hit Colorado Springs. Marijuana Tourism will boost our economy like no other here.  Colorado Pot Vacation has to be experienced on our party busses!  Cannabis Tourism Colorado