dispensary-toursDispensary Tours in Colorado

Have you ever been inside a marijuana (cannabis) dispensary? Ever wondered what a  medical cannabis facility looks like? Now’s your chance! Take an inside peek at Colorado’s most reputable retail cannabis dispensary.  420 Tours are offering the most interesting dispensary tours responsible for the distribution of cannabis. Join 420 Bus Tours and experience the best dispensary tours available in Colorado.  Dispensary Tours with 420 Bus Tours will change the way you look at marijuana.  With our elite fleet of party buses and limos you won’t want to go home!

The media has described 420 Bus Tours as a ground breaking business concept,  combining safe access to a wide range of lab-tested cannabis medicines. In addition to offering the best quality weed, 420 Tours also provides a full complement the best tour guides and drivers in the state of Colorado.

Colorado Retail 420 Tours

When you book  420 Tours (public or private) you will be taken to the best dispensaries in Colorado.  Medical Marijuana dispensary tour includes a tour guide that will have the finest weed Colorado has to offer.  Our 420 Tours includes stops at the finest glass blowing shops in Colorado.  We will also be stopping at the Marijuana Mansion that is responsible for the legalization of weed in Colorado.  They will provide our guests with all the legal aspects of smoking marijuana in Colorado.  As long as you are 21 years of age, you can take a tour with us.  We have many varieties for life weedmaps.  Our drivers are more than experienced with the weedmaps.  If you think Detroit medical marijuana dispensaries have good weed, wait till you try the mind blowing weed in Colorado!  The growers in Colorado are the best in the world.

Let 420 Bus Tours take you on the best 420 Tours

Denver’s been all about green tourism for a long time. However, now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, there are new options for tourism.  420 tours draw people from near and far who want to experience the scene the same time as the Cannabis Cup are scheduled. In April, or any other day for that matter, there are many things to see on these special kind of green tours in the Mile High City. You’ll find artisan glass-makers demonstrating how to make bongs, 420 tours of retail dispensaries, and  lounges where you can kick back and really relax. There are even bakeries and food trucks catering just to this (most likely) hungry crowd. For a more official 420 tours in Denver, 420 Bus Tours are your experts in Denver to handle all of the arrangements, assembling packages with reservations for guided tours, and special access to the retail marijuana state’s top sites. As World Cannabis Week draws nearer, these 420 tours can give visitors insider access to the big concerts and rallies scheduled on and around World Cannabis Week.  Denver 420 Tours will have people from all over the world enjoying everything the Mile High City has to offer.  Book your 420 Tours Colorado 2014 now.