legal-weed Legal Weed in Colorado

Possessing and smoking recreational legal marijuana has actually been legal for a full year in both Washington and Colorado. But January 1st marked the first time marijuana could be sold commercially to nonmedical customers. At least fourteen stores are already operating around the state of Colorado, selling legal marijuana  for recreational use to adults.

So far, the biggest snarls have revolved around shortage of legal marijuana and long lines at the fourteen different dispensaries. Since Colorado, for now, requires marijuana businesses to grow most of the cannabis they sell, supply and demand could be tricky, especially in these early months.  420 Bus Tours have unique relationships with these retail dispensaries allowing for samples to be smoked on our tours.

Price Increase of Legal Marijuana

420 Bus Tours has seen a significant increase in the price of legal marijuana.   Indeed, a confluence of factors has led to the initial high prices in Colorado, including a limited inventory for retailers, thanks to Colorado’s separation of the medical and recreational markets. Mason Tvert, communications director for Marijuana Policy Project and the chief petitioner of the Amendment 64 campaign told HIGH TIMES that the current recreational shops were limited to only the number of plants allowed for their medical marijuana patients. Retailers had to decide how much marijuana to keep for patients versus how much to sell for recreational use. Now that these retailers can grow more plants for recreational sales, expect the supply to increase, leading to lower prices come late spring.

Toni Fox, owner of Denver’s 3-D Cannabis Center told Denver’s alt-weekly Westword, “It’s all supply and demand. Once I can produce more cannabis, our prices should go down. I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of wholesale available on the retail side for a few months, and we can’t cultivate our retail plants until January 1. So I can transfer my medical grow over, but that’s only roughly 1200 plants. After the 1st, I can grow 3600, and then the prices will definitely go down.”  Is there going to be a legal marijuana sale?  I think not for the time being!  So far the only states marijuana legal is Colorado and Washington.  It’s really strange to see the legal marijuana sale across the state of Colorado.  I’m sure that the people in Washington feel the same way with the sale of legal marijuana in Washington state.  Are there any legal marijuana alternatives ?  No, unless you want to smoke herbs without THC!  It’s not too sticky, and it definitely isn’t too icky!  Is marijuana legal anywhere else?  No! Can you buy legal marijuana online ? No! Is synthetic weed legal ?  Yes, but its not too good for you!