Information on Sativas Indicas Strains

Why are there so many types of Marijuana available on the market and what are the differences between them? The answer is that they are genetically modified Sativas Indicas strains or, genetic blends of two main strains of marijuana plants. Growers have moved their growing operations indoors and the types of plants grown need to meet new growing standards. Growers have taken both popular and functional traits of marijuana and developed an indoor plant that marijuana smokers enjoy. Let’s start with the basics of the two main types of marijuana, Sativas Indicas strains.


Medical marijuana Sativa strains have long and thin leaves. How to grow sativa strains is in outdoor weather.  It is notoriously a hard plant to grow and develop inside. Sativas can are tall and round just like a massive rose bush; skinny and lanky having a couple of large buds. The lengthy thin foliage is a trademark of the strain. The aroma out of this plant varies on the kind of strain selected.

After smoking or ingesting sativas, people often feel euphoric and energetic giving a sense of cheerfulness and feeling of content. Additionally the effects supply a great dose of discomfort relief for several medical conditions.

Some of the best sativa marijuana strains are pure sativa strains, and are also high in THC. These strains are recognized to possess a hallucinogenic effect. Sometimes a feeling of lightheadedness or nauseas might occur with a person unfamiliar with this medicine. All Sativa strains are great for daytime use.


Indicas have a shorter and stout appearance. Some versions are compact while some have moderate height and width. Indicas produce many side buds. Indicas are more receptive to inside growth and develop well indoors.

Smoking or ingesting indica results in a satisfying body buzz. Indicas are ideal for relaxation, to reduce stress, or perhaps an overall feeling of calm and tranquility. These strains are impressive for pain relief, and also have demonstrated to become a great strategy to aid in sleep. Indicas are ideal for evening medication of numerous people who smoke like a sleep aid.

Different blends of Indica or marijuana Sativa strains have different effects, strength, taste, smells and can look extremely different. The numerous blends of these two types of weed allow marijuana lovers to discover new and fun types of marijuana to enjoy. It will be a goal of this blog to highlight both traditional and new sativas indicas strains that are legally provided in the Colorado area.


With this information you will allways know what to expect.

420 Bus Tours with Sativas Indicas Strains

With 420 Bus Tours taking you on the tour of Colorado you will always be provided with both kind of strains.  We pride ourselves in knowing the best weed available in the mile high city!  Sativa vs Indica Strains is up to you.  Indica/Sativa Hybrid Strains will be discussed later.