Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision at ACS

Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision at ACS
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1155 16th Street Northwest , Washington D.C., Washington, D.C. 20036, United States
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To advance the Cannabis Chemistry enterprise for the benefit of all.

Cannabis as a whole remains a largely divisive and controversial topic, but all sides agree on one thing – more scientific research is needed. The best way to influence social, political, and economic policy regarding this topic is through data-driven scientific research conducted by the best and brightest among us. In order to provide an arena for the exchange of ideas and discoveries in the realm of cannabis chemistry and science, the Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision has formed within the American Chemical Society under the Division of Chemical Health and Safety.

The goal of CANN is to provide opportunities for discussion, education, and collaboration within the field of cannabis chemistry. By joining the subdivision, you can take advantage of rare opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals who seek to further their understanding of cannabis science. Advance your career by attending exclusive networking events alongside world-class researchers, industry professionals, and more. CANN welcomes any and all who are enthusiastic about Cannabis.

1155 16th St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20036, US