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Consultancy firm for Cannabis growers, manufacturers, and researchers. Our services: Design, Regulation, Tech. & GxP

Cannabis GXP is a constancy firm for the Cannabis industry, a subsidiary company of Bio-Chem Ltd. (2007) consultancy company for Pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetics, and supplements, based in Israel.

Cannabis GXP offer its customers vast experience in from the pharmaceutical and medical cannabis industries.

Our team is distinguished by its technical, engineering, technological and quality skills.

We support our clients from a new cannabis growing and manufacturing facilities design, through unique delivery system and cannabis products development, novel Cannabinoids cost-effective extraction technology. In addition, based on our practical experience in-front of the FDA/CE/Eu. regulatory bodies, we establish an effective quality management system, implement good practices and train our client’s stuff accordingly.

Cannabis GXP is focused on value creation, enabling our customers to develop and manufacture and distribute high quality pharma grade Cannabis based products with the emphasis on safety, efficacy, accuracy and purity.

Cannabis GXP Ltd. Lead many companies to international success in the Agri -Biotech field especially Medical Cannabis.

Among our customers: Teva, Tikun Olam, J&J, Weizmann Institute of Science, BOL pharma, Seach, Cannabillis, Monsanto, Evogene, Collplant, J&J, Sigma-Aldrich and many others.

>> Cannabis products growing and manufacturing technology
>> Novel Cannabis products and API development
>> Quality Assurance and Good Practices
>> Cannabis products testing and clinical trials
>> Cannabis products regulation and submission
>> New cannabis growing and manufacturing facilities design

Pines 31, Rehovot, Israel 7646319, IL

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