Cannabis Industrial Marketplace

Cannabis Industrial Marketplace
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11141 North Saginaw Street , Michigan 48458, United States
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Your Cannabis equipment & supply information hub, aiding you with knowledge about growing and cultivation equipment,

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Here at Cannabis Industrial Marketplace we supply you with all the growing and cultivation equipment, supplies and everything else you may need. We provide you with Hydroponics Equipment, POS & Software, Packaging Supplies and more. Visit our website


We saw other web marketers rejecting the cannabis industry, forcing them into a corner with two greedy companies. It’s unacceptable.
We seek a future offering better, fair solutions, that don’t take advantage of customers, and it’s starting with us.

Core Values

Reasonable. Fair. Respectful. These are the core values that define and guide us in our daily work and the way we do business.
We know the value of a customer and what it means to earn their trust.


Leads for Weed was started by a team of website engineers with decades of experience. Typically servicing industrial companies, we know what it takes to pioneer internet marketing strategies that yield results.

** Our Services Include: **
~ Website Design
~ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
~ E-Mail Campaigns

11141 N Saginaw St, Mount Morris, Michigan 48458, US

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