Cannabis Integrity Authority

Cannabis Integrity Authority
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Beyond the need for education, is the need to develop certification that is approved nationwide and tracked easily in one database location, while maintaining industry professionalism and providing accepted levels of student privacy. CIA offers the solution in a one-stop organization for the industry to work together.

Cannabis Integrity Authority focuses on professional Training for the cannabis industry, including college level type examinations with a verified proctor and instructor program developed in-house. CIA then provides the student certification of that training with the ability to provide outside agencies and employers ONLINE VERIFICATION with complete security for student privacy.

Cannabis Integrity Authority (CIA) was designed to create the standards, across the board, regardless of competition or advocacy position, for the cannabis industry to remain professional. Providing and developing educational training and certification programs, standards information, educational materials, information and more.

CIA has created a database system that allows additional industry educational groups to proctor student workshops, teaching approved and CIA created materials that establish industry self-regulation and best practices focusing on patient and consumer safety.

Cannabis Integrity Authority raises the bar for industry self regulation while offering consumer service and patient safety education information for training and educational institutions to proctor, while allowing the student to maintain privacy, and providing an avenue, nationwide, for verification of certification status.

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