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Cannabis Legal Group
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520 North Main Street , Michigan 48067, United States
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Cultivating Cannabusiness Success. We help marijuana businesses lay the groundwork for long-term security and success.

Cannabis Legal Group is the premier marijuana law firm in Michigan. We specialize with everything related to marijuana including business licensing, business planning, operational planning, licensing, zoning, land use, corporate entity set up, operating agreements, management agreements, shareholder agreements, intellectual property including trademark and copyright registration.

We have licensing and regulatory compliance experience in mature cannabis markets such as Colorado, Oregon, Illinois and New York. Our team of attorneys are experts in present cannabis law, keep up with every cannabis related legal development and know what to expect in the future. We have an exclusive of counsel relationship with the premier national cannabis law firm of Vicente Sederberg which ensures our clients have the most experienced representation.

520 N Main St, Royal Oak, Michigan 48067, US