The Cannabis Company

The Cannabis Company
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Natural Australian Organic Hemp grown in Victoria and Tasmania. We craft cannabis products for humans and animals.

We sell Hemp products. They’re made from Cannabis. They’re certified vegan, raw, organic and 100% free of GMO, produced in Victoria and Tasmania. We make them for both human and non-human animals.

Cannabis is highly sustainable. It’s legal, it won’t get you high, and it’s one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet.

Leading climate scientists currently estimate 15-20 years before climate change is irreversible. We’re committed to pushing this industry forward as hard and fast as we can before it’s too late – for industrial, agricultural and medicinal use, we NEED the world to adopt cannabis and start using marijuana and hemp for all its wonderful applications. Education is key. The tide is inevitable – it’s happening! We hope you’ll join us!

1/87-91 Heatherdale Rd, Ringwood, Victoria 3134, AU